EPTLS is powered by Stechz Innovation and Engineering Limited to provide an independent Third Party Web Base Electronic Portal for the identification and traceability of products from the manufacturing factory to the final destination of the purchaser or user. The purpose of Scheme is in an effort to provide a common portal in the public domain. By checking from Web Base Platform & Handheld Device, the products are ensured as authentic by EPTLS Practice.

Prerequisites for Participation

  1. Any manufacturers or suppliers engaged in the production or supply of any building or commodity products are eligible to apply to become a Participant.
  2. The Applicant has to sign an agreement between the operator of EPTLS on the terms & conditions on the use of the electronic tag or label for security & integrity purposes
  3. The Applicant needs to operate a quality system which meets relevant requirements of ISO9001 & the administration & technical requirements of the Scheme.


  1. Any Applicant has to fill up the form on web for web base application.
  2. The Operator of EPTLS needs to visit the Applicant for document assessment & application approval.
  3. Upon participation of the Scheme, Participant shall be issued with an Official Letter of Participation issued by the EPTLS operator. The Participant shall be entitled to use the EPTLS logo as a Participation Mark in accordance with the requirements on the use of EPTLS logo.
  4. Official Letter of Participation shall be issued by EPTLS operator & it shall include, in particular:

    A. The name and address of the Participant,
    B. The product that will use the electronic label or tag.
    C. The EPTLS Participation Mark.
    D. Statement that the Participant shall conform to the requirements of the Scheme.
    E. The Participant number assigned by the EPTLS operator.
    F. The username & password assigned to access EPTLS web-based system.


1. The Participant shall pay an annual fee of HK$2,000 to the EPTLS operator for the maintenance of the EPTLS system. The Participant shall also pay the cost of purchasing the electronic tags & labels for use on their product & any other fees for their requests.
2. The Participant shall nominate a Scheme Representative who shall have defined authority & responsibility for ensuring that the requirements of the Scheme are met.
3. The Scheme Representative or his/her Authorized Representative shall liaise with the EPTLS operator on all matters for the effective & efficient operation of the Scheme.


1. THE EPTLS operator shall not disclose any information or records obtained from or pertaining to Participants in connection with the Scheme without the consent of the Participant.
2. All data, information & related document in the EPTLS are properties of the Participant. The EPTLS operator has obligation to ensure confidentiality & security by contract & agreement basis.

  • EPTLS Operator – Stechz Innovation & Engineering Ltd. who is supplier & service provider of tag, label & platform to the Participant
  • The Participant – are people who participate to the Scheme, purchasing tags, labels & platform from the EPTLS Operator, and input data to EPTLS Data Base

  • Smart Phones (IOS & Android) for QR encoder by specific encoding application
  • RFID Handheld Device Encoder which is purchased from EPTLS Operator
  • Personal Computer with Internet Explorer version 7 or above, or equivalent browser for uploading & browsing data on Web Base Platform


EPTLS Operator (SIE)
supplies requested
items to the Participant

The Participant put
the tag or label on the product

Tagged or Labeling
products can be checked & traced by EPTLS

The Participant uploads
data by web-based EPTLS engine

SIE assesses uploaded
files by specific filter & uploads to EPTLS

No amendment can be
processed when data has
been uploaded, except
System Administrator

Product with tag or

By using Smart Phone or
RFID reader to read out
data & to surf designated

Enter tag or label UID for data checking


  1. The EPTLS operator has obligation to ensure system & platform in proper condition & in effective operation.
  2. The EPTLS operator ensures unlimited phone & email assistance.
  3. Premium level of maintenance can be provided by request of the Participant. The Participant shall pay additional fee for it.
  4. Back up regularly the System, including configuration files & all data, in a full scale approach.
  5. Periodically archive all data & information in the EPTLS into removable media (e.g. DVD-RW) by request of the Participant. The Participant shall pay for backup hard-copy.


  • Brand name of the product,
  • Manufacturer’s address and place of origin
  • Date or code of production,
  • Certified Product under PCCS-?? And/or accredited by HKAS or IAS,
  • Type of product,
  • Model and series numbers,
  • Details of batch size,
  • Packing and yield,
  • Any other manufacturer’s specification or recommendations on the use of this product.
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